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Arranging for our dentist to help you address problems with tooth sensitivity is easy, and our dentist and team will gladly assist you in identifying which teeth in your mouth are experiencing sensitivity, as well as what the sensitivity may be. When you visit us to receive treatment for tooth sensitivity or identify its presence, you can know what to expect here.

Tooth sensitivity is a rampant oral condition, and it is estimated that as much as 75 percent of the US population is experiencing some form of tooth sensitivity. Any tooth in your mouth can become sensitive, but the canines are the most likely to be affected.

When you come to Olympia Dental Group to identify the presence of sensitive teeth, we may blow cold air onto the teeth using a dental spray gun to register the location of sensitivity. Then, our dentist can recommend the appropriate treatment, such as covering tubules in the tooth enamel or administering desensitizing agents, as well as placing any needed restorative dentistry treatments, including dental fillings or crowns. These latter options may require you to undergo some preparatory work and schedule a follow-up visit. Whatever your smile needs to be healthy and happy, we are committed to helping you achieve it!

To learn more treating tooth sensitivity in Lacey, Washington, schedule a visit with our dentist, Dr. Thinh Ho, by calling Olympia Dental Group at 360-943-4777 today.