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Sedation dentistry in Lacey, Washington, has several different degrees. The depth and method of the sedation will be largely influenced by the length and invasiveness of the procedure and your personal preference.

Mild sedation is helpful for individuals who are struggling with dental anxiety. This sedative usually comes in the form of nitrous oxide. Breathing the gas leaves you fully awake but relaxed.

Moderate sedation is often used for procedures that make you hold your mouth open for long period of time. This is also commonly used for special needs patients who have involuntary body movements or dental anxiety.

The sedative agent used in moderate sedation often comes in the form of a liquid or a pill. In some cases, your dentist might recommend using a slow drip IV. Even though you will likely fall asleep during the treatment, you can easily answer important questions. Once the procedure is complete, our Olympia Dental Group team will administer a counter agent to wake you.

Deep sedation is used for long or invasive procedures, like multiple tooth extractions or outpatient oral surgery. Deep sedation is usually administered by a slow drip IV. It can take a little while for you to recover after being deeply sedated, so you will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

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