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Many people have heard of the American Dental Association, however, less people know much about them. That is why our team is here to help you understand the importance of the ADA and how they strive to improve oral health care everywhere.

Many people believe that dentistry is a modern form of medical practice. However, this is incorrect. According to the ADA, in as early as the 700s, texts have been found in China talking about the use of “silver paste” for their teeth.

As time continues, by 1575 doctoral books discussing information about dentistry and tooth extraction treatments were being published in France. It’s no wonder by the time 1859 rolls around, dentists gather together to form the American Dental Association.

Since the founding of the American Dental Association, they have strived to have a solid advance on oral health. They test dental tools for effectiveness and those that pass are offered an ADA Seal of Acceptance so the consumer knows it’s safe to use for your oral care.

If you have any questions about the American Dental Association please contact our office. We are happy to provide you with the best oral care possible. So, call us today to help your smile stay happy and healthy.