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Chances are good that if you’ve had a dental treatment beyond your regular dental cleaning and exam, it was a cavity filling. Well, what if you could spot it even before your dentist does? The most reliable and effective way to detect a cavity is during a dental exam, but there are some ways that you “pre-detect” a cavity and even better, prevent it from occurring in the first place.


Whether your tooth experiences bursts of sharp pain or a dull ache, one explanation is a cavity. Make an appointment as soon as possible to get a full diagnosis, relieve your discomfort and prevent a potentially larger cavity from forming.

Discomfort While Biting Down

This kind of cavity may be less severe than the kind that causes a toothache, but it’s still a cause for concern. Make an appointment with Dr. Thinh Ho as quickly as you can.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

A sensitive tooth in one area of your mouth may be a sign of a cavity, as the nerve endings may be exposed or closer to the tooth’s surface. You may also experience sensitivity while brushing or flossing, particularly if the cavity is located in between your teeth.

The best way to fight cavities is not to have them in the first place! The more consistently and thoroughly you fortify your mouth with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, mouthwash and semi-annual dental cleanings, the less likely you are to get cavities.

If you think you have a cavity, call Dr. Ho at Olympia Dental Group in Lacey, Washington at 360-943-4777 to schedule an appointment. We’re here to protect your smile.