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If you need to clean out your mouth on a daily basis, a thin layer of food particles, debris, and bacteria will begin to manifest. This substance is known as plaque. Plaque consists of a thin layer that can slowly wear away your tooth enamel by converting harmful substances in your mouth such as sugar into harmful acids which can eat through your tooth enamel. For more information about plaque, see below:

– One of the biggest risks associated with plaque buildup comes from tooth loss. Tooth loss occurs if plaque is allowed to damage your gums and affect your gum tissue. This can destabilize your gums and cause tooth slippage to occur.
– If left untreated, plaque buildup can give rise to tartar. If plaque hardens into tartar, it will not be able to be cleaned with simple brushing and flossing techniques and will require the help of a professional. Furthermore, plaque can greatly increase your risk for gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease.
– Plaque buildup is one of the leading causes of cavities as it can directly contribute to harmful acids chewing through your tooth enamel. If bacteria in your mouth converts substances such as sugar into acids, both your teeth and your gums will be vulnerable.
– For effective treatment for plaque buildup, visit your dentist for professional cleanings and make sure you are practicing adequate oral health care routines every day. This includes brushing twice daily and flossing once a day.

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