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Have you ever wanted to achieve a smile as bright and perfect as those of your favorite celebrities? If so, you may find dental veneers to be the most optimal cosmetic dentistry treatment for you. Many patients choose to receive dental veneers for their uses and benefits, including:

– Your custom dental veneer can benefit your smile for ten years or more before a replacement is necessary.

– Dental veneers are an excellent choice if you are interested in improving your smile’s appearance with a fully customizable cosmetic treatment.

– If your smile’s appearance has been affected by harmful acids or the buildup of plaque, dental veneers can improve the look of a damaged tooth.

– Your teeth may benefit from dental veneers if they have been weakened by an oral accident or injury.

– If you feel that orthodontic modifications could benefit your teeth, you may be able to avoid traditional braces or aligners by having dental veneers, since they can correct minor spacing malocclusions.

Receiving dental veneers can not only help your smile look better, they can also make your teeth stronger and provide better protection. If you are interested in speaking with Dr. Thinh Ho, our dentist, about receiving dental veneers in Lacey, Washington, contact Olympia Dental Group at 360-943-4777 today.