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Are you ready to overcome any fears associated with oral healthcare via numerous dental anxiety treatments? If so, it is important to understand which techniques can be used long before you even visit the dentist office, and which can be used during your office visits.

Did you know that focusing on breathing patterns and working on relaxation methods including meditation and yoga can help prepare you for dental offices by calming and relaxing your body and your mind? Furthermore, placing your mind the state of imagination, such as at a desirable place that brings you joy, like a beach or garden, has been shown to help assuage fears of oral health care procedures and stress-related factors associated with visiting your dentist.

If noises are a source of your dental anxiety, speak with your dentist for opportunities to listen to relaxing music or receive alternative treatments to help set your mind at ease. Furthermore, sometimes holding an item such as a fidget spinner, a squeeze ball, or a squeezable toy can help overcome dental anxiety for many patients.

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