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If you ignore bloody gums today, it could be a grave problem in your future. While bleeding gums from time to time don’t mean much at all, they’re regularly a signal that your gums and chompers are creating periodontal disease, a sickness that can cause lost teeth and major hurt to your bones and gums. We want your oral cavity to be healthy always, so we’ve amassed this list so you can retain your oral health when you’re not in our office.

-The dominant cause of bloody gums is plaque touching the gumline, which can be removed with regular brushing. Brush your teeth at least twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste.

-Flossing is interesting; it seemingly causes bleeding gums when you begin, but stick with the habit and you’ll see flossing actually heals your gums by removing plaque that’s formed between your chompers.

-Rinsing your oral cavity with mouthwash, just like brushing and flossing, can rinse away infection-causing plaque. Follow the instructions on the mouthwash bottle if you do decide to use mouthwash.

-Certain meds can cause bleeding gums, so let Dr. Thinh Ho know if you started a new medication and noted bleeding gums soon afterward.

-Hard toothbrush bristles can hurt gums, so ensure that you’re using a soft-bristled brush.

-Finally, lower your consumption of sugary foods if you’ve noted your gums bleeding.

We hope this post has been instructive. If you’re worried about your bleeding gums and would like us to examine them, please get in contact with us at 360-943-4777 now to schedule an appointment in our office in Lacey, Washington. Dr. Thinh Ho and the team at Olympia Dental Group are ready to aid you to amp up your oral health!