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Your teeth may be more vulnerable than you are aware. Even if you are practicing optimum oral health care habits daily, all your hard work can be destroyed in an instant. The life events you choose can immediately damage your teeth and set back your progress of a lifetime’s worth of oral health care combating tooth decay and gum disease.

Are you putting your teeth and gums in harm’s way? The following information can help better prepare you for any hazard your oral health may encounter:

TRUE or FALSE: Pen caps or pencil erasers can strengthen your teeth when chewed on.
– This is false. Chewing on non-edible foods can chip or crack your teeth, harm your gums, and even cause joint damage including TMJ disorders.

Which activities or habits are considered harmful for your oral health?
– For any type of contact sport or event, always wear the proper safety gear including mouth guards, facemasks, and head gear. Also, avoid opening products with your mouth, and avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, eating ice, and biting your nails, as these can all damage your smile.

What types of foods and snacks can cause your teeth harm?
– Many ingredients in food can increase the rate at which tooth decay and gum disease can occur because bacteria in plaque can convert these particles into acids that can erode tooth enamel. This includes chewy and gummy foods that stick to the teeth and gums, sugary foods, starchy foods, and sour candies with high acidic content. Exercise caution with harmful foods and candies that can chip and crack teeth.

Can mouth piercings cause your teeth and gums harm?
– Yes, mouth piercings can become choking hazards if knocked loose, they can fracture and crack teeth, and they can cause serious infections.

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