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It’s important to treat a cavity in order to prevent it from spreading across the tooth and resulting in significant damage to the tooth structure, even affecting inner tooth structure. If a cavity is severe enough to result in dental fracture, you may need to have the tooth extracted and receive a dental bridge instead.

It may be possible to repair a moderate fracture with root canal treatment in order to extract the decayed areas and shape the tooth into an abutment so that it can receive a custom-made dental crown. However, tooth decay that has become very excessive or resulted in a fracture bad enough to cause a large dental abscess in the periodontal tissues, our dentist may determine that the tooth needs to be removed so that we can place a dental bridge instead.

A dental bridge is a solid dental restoration designed to look like your original tooth, with two hollow crowns attached on each end that will anchor onto the neighboring teeth that have been formed into abutments. After the dental lab has completed the creation of the dental bridge. We will schedule a follow-up appointment so that the dental bridge can be placed in the tooth gap using a potent dental adhesive.

Following the development of a severely decayed or fractured tooth, we encourage you to contact Olympia Dental Group at 360-943-4777 right away to speak with our dentist, Dr. Thinh Ho, about receiving a dental bridge in Lacey, Washington.