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The dental checkups performed at Olympia Dental Group are designed to examine and address the myriad of factors that go into maintain a good oral health. While the checkup focuses on cleaning and monitoring the health of your teeth and gums, it also includes a screening for pharyngeal and oral cancers.

These types of cancer are more prevalent than most people realize. In fact, research published by the American Dental Association found that each year one in 92 adults are diagnosed with some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer. While the average age of occurrence is 62 years of age, increased risk factors, such as a family history of oral cancer, tobacco use and alcohol abuse, increase your chances of developing oral cancer.

The oral cancer screening will be conducted at the conclusion of your regular dental checkup. This involves inspecting your tongue, throat, face, and neck for any swelling or abnormal discoloration. Be sure to let your dentist know about any increased risk factors for oral cancer you might have.

Should Dr. Thinh Ho detect any signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer, he will refer you to a specialist or oncologist to start the diagnostics and treatment process.

If you live in the Lacey, Washington, area and you have concerns about oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should call 360-943-4777 to schedule a checkup and screening with Dr. Thinh Ho.