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If you have a bad habit of skipping your routine dental checkups at Dr. Thinh Ho’s clinic, a small cavity on one of your teeth can go undetected. As time goes by the tooth decay will gradually spread to compromise a significant amount of the dental structure.

This could lead to a severe infection in the root of the tooth or a large dental fracture. If the tooth has been too badly degraded for Dr. Thinh Ho to treat it with a root canal, he might suggest extracting it to help ease any pain and prevent a new infection from spreading through your periodontal tissues. Afterward, he might also provide you with a prescription for pain medication, anti-inflammatories, or antibiotics.

When you are ready Dr. Thinh Ho might advocate placing the tooth by installing a dental bridge. This piece of dental work is essentially an artificial tooth that is fused to open crowns on each end. This type of dental restoration typically requires two separate appointments. The first prepares the two neighboring teeth by removing the tooth enamel to create abutments capable of anchoring the dental bridge. After it’s been created in a dental lab Dr. Ho will cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Lacey, Washington, area and you have a tooth with a severe cavity, you should call 360-943-4777 to seek professional treatment at Olympia Dental Group.